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Ebay Store and Special Offer

Welcome to my Coaching In Confidence Ebay store. Buy one of my amazing Self Care Kits for just £19.99 and receive an hour discovery call worth £83.32.

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How It All Works and Whats Next?

Amazing. So you've had your discovery call with me and like me you've decided that Life Coaching and NLP is for you. The next step is receiving your email with all the instructions and information you will be needing. Don't worry, it's all taken care of.

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EAL Package

The “Entrepreneur and Leadership Package" is for those who want to grow their business or are in a leadership role. These sessions will not only allow you to see where you can improve but will show your strengths as well.

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TLC Package

The "Transformational Life Coaching Package" is for those of you who need a life coach to listen and ask the important questions at the right times. I will also use Neuro Linguistic Programming which involves different models and activities that help us to explore you. We will also look at your relationships with others, the world around you and challenging negative beliefs . This whole process can be very powerful and therapeutic.

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Explore with me, You will NURTURE and HELP YOURSELF find the answers! 

Take that first step with me today and arrange your free 30 minute discovery call worth £41.66!

Special Offer: Buy one of my Coaching In Confidence Self Care Kits via my Ebay store and have a 60 minute discovery call worth £83.32!

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