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First and foremost I love helping others.

I’ve gained a lot of experience over the last 16 years in public service and customer service roles. This includes the police service, ambulance service, and teaching (In schools and climbing). Experiences from dealing with and helping people of many ages, from all sorts of different backgrounds, in all sorts of different circumstances. It has allowed me to “look at the bigger picture” and whilst approaching situations and conversation asking myself “what else could be happening” apart from what i’m seeing and hearing in front of me. Throughout the last 10 years friends and family told me to consider training to be a coach, counsellor or therapist. Eventually, I reached a crossroads in my career within the NHS, and the dissatisfaction with aspects of the role became the catalyst that led me to take a leap of faith and train in Transformational Life Coaching and NLP. 



When I ask someone “how are you?” or “are you ok?” When I empathise with someone else’s struggle it comes from a place that I’m ready and present  to LISTEN to your FULL story! I listen at the highest level (level 3) listening to context, physical language, verbal language and listening for what is NOT being said. 

I like to try and stay active as it’s good for my mental health. I enjoy some part-time Muay Thai (kick boxing) and also climbing (which I teach indoors). If you are interested in keeping fit with climbing lessons, please talk to me.

I have a passion for music, lyric writing and discovering my own spirituality.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and helping you through whatever you feel is stopping you from moving forward!


  • Professional Entrepreneurship Coaching in Neuro-linguistic Programming – NLP School (Accredited Course/School with the ICF)
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner With Advanced Coaching  – NLP School (Accredited Course/School with the ICF)
  • Diploma In Transformation Coaching – Animas School (Accredited Course/School with the ICF)]
  • The Association For Neuro-linguistic Programming – Professional Member
  • Conflict Resolution – Metropolitan Police Service and NHS
  • First Aid At Work Level 3 – Future Quals
  • Safeguarding And Child Protection – Hays Online
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) – Registered online/enhanced
  • Life Coaching insurance – Balens

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